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TESTIMONIALS - Our Clients are Talking

The staff and attorneys at The Cohen Firm  strive to exceed client expectations in all the work they do.  This work ethic gets noticed.

"Isaac, It was so nice to chat with you this morning. I look forward to working with you as we amend our Living Trust... Again, thank you for your time and great information this morning."

Edith L. - Blizzard Entertainment

"Dear Mr. Cohen, It was a real pleasure speaking to you this morning. Thank you for your help in understanding the implications of our lease contract buy-out agreement.  My wife and I are very pleased to have you also assist us in the purchase of our house." 

Fabio C. - Space Explorations Technologies

"You and your office staff are awesome!"

Robert P. - Servicemaster Co.

"Thank you Isaac for your prompt follow up and sage advice... Looking forward to working with you!"

Diana V.  - Raytheon

"Isaac,  just a big thank you for all your diligence in this matter." 

Jeff J. - Yokohama Tire

"Thank you, Isaac. It was a pleasure working with you on this matter and it’s great to know you’re able to help in other areas as well. I’d be glad to work with you again in the future."

William A. - First American Financial

"Hi Isaac, Thank you for a quick response.  The Cohen Firm becomes my 'go to' Firm for legal matters."

Maya F. - HUB International

"You truly are the best – thank you." 

Gayle S. - Western Digital Corp.

"Thank you very much for the good news. I appreciate the time and all you have done to make this process smooth." 

Gita M. - NextGen Healthcare

"Dear Isaac, I want to thank you for your advice and support on my application. I really appreciate all the care you took to get back with detailed answers... Once again, I REALLY appreciate all your help – and will definitely work with you again in the future!"


Jeannette B. - Molson Coors

"Hello Mr. Cohen: I wanted to thank you again for your advice and assessment concerning the early termination of my daughter‘s  apartment lease... Thank you again for your time and advice."


Marion D. - Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

"Great Job Mr Cohen!!!!  Maria and I greatfully appreciate it. "

David O.  - Palomar Health

"Thanks Isaac for the call today. I always appreciate your expertise!"

Brandon B. - U.C. Riverside School of Medicine

"Thank you so much...  I am super grateful for you!"

Marcello T.  - TriNet Group

"Great news and great work; thank you very much for your help processing my Chapter 7."

Kevin C. - NetApp, Inc.

"Thank you very much again for doing this so quickly for us!  We really appreciate that!  We read the documents,

it looks great."

Ken Z. - Hoag

"Thank you so much. I appreciate all your continued hard work and time put into my case." 

Annie P. - Alvord USD

"Thank you Isaac!!  I appreciate your help very much."

Dave S. - Target Corporation

"Dear Attorney Cohen,  It’s always pleasant to talk to you. Thank you so much for helping us with various issues in the past. We really appreciate your call this morning."

Eileen C. - MITRE Corporation

"Thanks for answering my questions, and making the process easy to understand for me."

Deniz E. - Paysafe

"This is fantastic news!  I really appreciated everything that you have done to help negotiate this judgement." 

Samantha H. - U.S. Roche

"Thank you for your assistance with this.  I truly appreciate it and feel at peace now knowing all this is completed."

Kim S. - Parsons Corporation

"Thank you so much, Isaac! I'm so excited to start this new chapter in my life. Thank you to you and your staff for all your hard work!" 

Vache F. - Nordstrom, Inc.

"We've just arrived in Bangkok and checked in our hotel 10 mins ago. Thank you so much for taking care of the Grant Deed for our house... Once again, greatly appreciated for everything and all your help in getting all these Docs done." 

Tuyen N. - Boeing

"Thank you very much for the prompt and helpful response, I really appreciate it." 

Rebecca F. - Chapman University

"Thanks Isaac for all your help and support." 

Manoj S. - Microsoft Corp.

"Thank you for all you hard work and everything you did for us... we truly appreciate it." 

Ray C. - Lowes Companies

"Thank you for making the whole process of creating our trust smooth." 

Tomoko L. - Yokohama Tire

"Thank you for the detailed information and your time.  I welcome the opportunity

to reach out to you should I have any additional questions."  

Mirna P. - Office of Riverside Superintendent of Schools

"Dear Mr. Cohen, Thank you so much again for your consultation this morning. We really appreciate your time and suggestions."  

Eileen C. - MITRE Corporation

"Thank you again for all of your help and guidance these past few months." 

Natalie R. - St. Joseph Health

"Thank you so much! Definitely appreciate your help." 

Bronwyn S. - Children's Hospital Orange County

"Hello Isaac!  Once again 'Thank you so much' for everything, including referring Connie for the notary (She was very thorough and amazing to work with). I am very happy, and will check with my friends and family in case they need similar services, and refer them to your office.

Basanio F. - TriNet Group

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